Get to know the goats, cuddle, play, take selfies with them, 
listen to the amusing, cute and very real stories about the daily life of goats and take the opportunity 
to taste and purchase goat cheese! 
Welcome to “Snikeri’’! You can visit us from April 15 to October 15! 

You are very welcome to Snikeri farm

This is a real invitation, how else can you get to know Bonija the goat and her friends Gerda, Liza, France, Bille, Grieta and other?

They live here on a small family farm, Snikeri, where they enjoy the pituresque environment of the central Vidzemes uplands, next to Jumurdas lake. They like to live here, otherwise they would not give such healthy and tasty milk. I will whisper  you a secret, that the  owner uses their milk to make tasty cheese.

Makings friends with goats

If you come to the field you will be spotted immediately and they will come trotting over to you to investigate with much curiosity. They are not just waiting for something tasty though, but for a scratch behind the horns and ears and don't you know grass always tastes much better from human hands.

 If they have the chance to check out the quality of a button or zipper, or a scarf waving in the breeze, then they  will be your friends for life. Black, grey, white, brown, and all colours mixed together,  with horns and without horns, these are the goats on Snikeri farm, all with their own character and intelligence, but all loveable.e right.

Goat cheese degustation and buying

Spring, summer and autumn are the best time for cheese making. Goats are rich with milk ...